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Are NDs real doctors?

Yes. Naturopathic doctors are trained as primary- and tertiary-care providers and recognized by state medical licensing boards. Dr. Orna is licensed in Alaska and Oregon.

Do you take my insurance?

Telemedicine visits are covered by most insurance plans, and Dr. Izakson is in network with several in Oregon and Alaska. You can find the current list here. Where Dr. Izakson is out of network, you will get a discount for payment at time of service and a form to submit directly to your insurance company for reimbursement. Read more here.

Do you take Medicare?

Traditionally Medicare has not recognized naturopathic doctors, but there now some workarounds. Read more about naturopathic medicine and medicare here

How long is a first appointment?

Expect our first office to take 90 to 120 minutes — it’s all about getting your full story. You’ll leave the appointment with a written plan of next steps to take, including a lab order if you haven’t been checked recently. Read all about what to expect on the Getting Started page. 

How long are follow-up appointments?

In your follow-up visits, I’ll review any labs, adjust your treatment plan, answer your questions and keep you moving forward. These usually last 30 to 45 minutes. Read more on The Journey page. 

How often will I come in?

Most patients make appointments monthly. This lets us check in on your progress, maintain momentum, and tweak treatment plans, supplements and herbal prescriptions, and address any new issues that surface. Read more on The Journey page. 

How much does this cost?

All telemedicine prices are based on the amount of time we spend together. If you have insurance, please contact your plan provider to find out what to expect in terms of deductibles, copays, coinsurance and limitations. (Learn more here.)

Herbs and supplements are an additional cost in all cases. Most patients spend less than $6 daily for these. Lab fees vary, and not all are covered by insurance. 

What does "Celilo" mean?

The clinic is named for an iconic feature of the Columbia River basin, upstream from Dr. Izakson’s physical clinic in Portland, Oregon. Read more about Celilo Falls, and how it relates to Dr. Izakson’s practice, here.

Where is the clinic?

Dr. Orna Izakson is licensed to see patients in Alaska and Oregon. All visits are offered using a secure, HIPAA-compliant online platform called Enjoy healthcare direct from your computer or device! All you need is a connection, privacy and decent lighting. No downloads required. HIPAA-compliant Zoom appointments are also available.

How does telemedicine work?

Telemedicine enables us to meet virtually from anywhere — securely and conveniently. All you need is privacy, decent lighting and a good internet connection. Read all about telemedicine here

Do naturopathic and herbal medicines really work?

Here’s what Dr. Orna’s patients say

Where do your plant medicines come from?

As an environmentalist, herbalist and physician, I take great care in finding the best sources for the plant medicines used in my practice. The herbs on my shelves are organically grown or ethically harvested in clean, wild places, often locally, and are carefully prepared mostly by people I know personally. Read more about plant medicines here.

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are remedies that help patients with stuck emotions and thoughts. They are the key modality Dr. Orna uses for her fifth pillar, Change Your Mind, Change Your Life. Read more about flower essences here.

Where does nutrition come in?

Nutrition is the heart of health — we really are what we eat. Working together we will find the foods that best suit your body’s unique needs to keep you fit, energetic, clear-minded and joyful.

How do I pick up supplements?

For all custom formulations and some supplements, contactless pickup is available in Anchorage and Portland. For folks elsewhere in Alaska, the Anchorage office can ship directly to your door. For Oregon patients, supplements and refills are available through my online medicinary.

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