flower essences

blooming fireweed in Prince William Sound

Created from flowers using a special infusing technique, these drops facilitate create seamless changes to remove stuck thoughts and emotions that impede your healing. A successful prescription often feels like an invisible return to functionality — so much so that many people forget what their original issue was.

What patients say:

“I saw Dr. Orna for a flower-essence consultation and was impressed by what a great experience this was. Most notably, her skill in concise and intuitive questioning got us to a point of identifying deeper aspects of emotional blocks and dysfunctional patterns that I didn’t realize could be related to the issues for which I initially came to consult. Her expertise with flower essence therapy is very evident. I highly recommend her for this service!” — Laurie, 48, she/her


“The flower essence formula helped me quiet the past that haunted me. I carried a great deal of grief; sometimes I think I was born grieving. The flower essence somehow took all my grief and placed it in perspective. It is not always walking with me. I know that the grief is still there. I just know that is is under control and not consuming me. I know that I am no longer a captive, I am free just to be me.” — Susan. (Read more from Susan here.)

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