traditional medicine for flu season

When I was just starting my practice, I had the honor of speaking with a reporter for Indian Country Today about traditional techniques for staying well during flu season.

This was a decade before COVID changed our lives forever. And while the ongoing pandemic still continues to surprise us with its myriad long-term effects, most of the ideas reported in that story continue to make sense for most common flus and colds.

In the intervening years, I’ve written up cheat sheets and guides, made YouTube videos and even led a 10-week webinar series on implementing these ideas. I will eventually turn the webinar into a course, but that’s still a ways out. But grab the Immune Resilience Action Guide or 5 Ways Conifers Heal anytime. Bonus: You’ll get on my VIP email list and be the first to hear about new offerings, get health tips and even some great and easy recipes.

Looking back at the Indian Country Today article more than a decade later, one of my favorite things is a reader who commented that my suggestions echoed those of her grandmother — who lived to be 100 years old. Traditional medicines persist because they work.



Header photo by Jean Lakosnyk on Unsplash.