why nutrition matters

Nutrition is the heart of health — we really are what we eat. Working together we will find the foods that best suit your body’s unique needs to keep you fit, energetic, clear-minded and joyful.

During our work together, we will look deeply at how you eat and how to optimize your food choices to achieve your health goals.

As your health improves, you’ll find yourself having fewer cravings for foods that don’t support your optimal health. Eventually you should be able to eat moderate amounts of many foods that were initially problematic.

“You started with my digestive system, which was a mess. I feel like eating again. Food no longer makes me sick. I am now getting the nutrition my body needs. I could not be more delighted.” — Susan

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This must-watch video shows you just how powerful the rights foods can be. Yes, “must watch” sounds like hype. I promise, I wouldn’t waste your time.

Food is medicine! This article details the simple secret to ideal eating and not-so-secret foods that keep you healthiest.

What’s the deal with multivitamins?

You are not just what you eat, you’re what you absorb from what you eat. Here’s what you need to know.

Did you know that beets can help beat high blood pressure?

Four ways food impacts your mood (video.)

Looking for a few good books on eating well? Check here for my recommendations. Do you have favorites not on this list? Let us know!

For the simplest, clearest view of best eating practices, check out Michael Pollan’s Food Rules.

Local Harvest, a national guide to farmers’ markets, farms and CSAs.

Eat Well Guide, another national source for clean, local food.

Linus Pauling Institute offers some of the clearest and best-researched information about nutritional supplements.

Nutrition Data website gives you precise nutritional information about whatever’s on your plate.

USDA food sources of nutrients: Need magnesium and wondering where to get it? Check here for some good lists, including portion sizes.

NIH nutrition fact sheets.

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