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All office visits are now online. During our appointment, we will meet using a secure, HIPAA-compliant video portal called It’s just like meeting in person, but you can do it from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a good internet connection, decent lighting and privacy. No downloads are required.

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patients are saying

“I came to see Dr. Izakson three years ago at one of the lowest points, health-wise, in my life. I had seen a number of specialists and no one knew what was actually going on with me, but they were all perfectly willing to put me on medications with very undesirable side effects. That was not okay with me and it was very disconcerting that none of my other physicians seemed concerned about the cause of my health problems. Dr. Izakson cared and she was concerned. That alone was a huge comfort to me. Over the past three years she has dug deep to find out the root of my symptoms and has made a plan for me that manages my condition without use of drugs with dangerous side effects. Her suggestions have improved my overall health, not just put a band-aid on one single problem.  I am forever grateful. If you decide to go to Celilo Natural Health Center, you can expect to be listened to; your opinion will be valued. In addition, Dr. Izakson is wicked smart.” — Tonia
“I came expecting to get something for my body aches, not do something about them. I was already fit and active. Modifying my diet and exercise made no sense to me, but that’s what Dr. Orna prescribed. When I finally surrendered and did the drill, my aches vanished along with 21 pounds! I’ve chosen to continue seeing Dr. Orna monthly and now I say, ‘Yes Ma’am’ to her advice. Because it works.” — Kelly

“I feel so great!!” — Micah

“My personal testimonial: I drive from Corvallis to Portland to see Orna. Gladly, and in the rain.” — Alison