naturopathic medical training

Dr. Orna Izakson earned her doctorate in naturopathic medicine (ND) from National University of Natural Medicine. NUNM is a four-year, fully accredited institution training primary-care physicians. After passing rigorous national examinations, she is licensed in Oregon and Alaska.

Naturopathic medical students study all the sciences you would expect any doctor to know, as well as pharmacology, minor surgery, basic clinical specialties and extensive clinical training. What distinguishes naturopathic medical education is the philosophy of getting to the root of your concerns plus intensive additional focus on the tools of natural medicine: herbs, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, physical medicine, mind/body medicine and others.

The Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges describes in detail how the education of naturopaths compares with medical doctors. The slides below offer a shorthand version of that story, for the more visually inclined.