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During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, all visits are conducted electronically via a secure, HIPAA-compliant video portal. Supplements are delivered to your door from the online medicinary or may be available for local pickup.

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I’m Dr. Orna Izakson

and I’m here for you during these tumultuous times.

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herbalism is the people's medicine | Dr. Orna Izakson | naturopathic physician in Portland, Oregon

dr. orna’s

5 Pillars of Natural Medicine

These are the roots of my therapeutic approach.


All humans need basic things: movement, nourishment, safety, community and sleep. This is where we start.

Knowledge is power

But each of us in an individual, with unique responses to stressors, both physiological and mental. To get a handle on how you work involves testing and giving you the  user’s manual to your body. 

Plants make everything better

Plants offer full-spectrum medicine, from veggies to spices to medicines. Finding your plant soulmates furthers your healing.


Whether it’s water in your bathroom, wind through your windows, meandering by water, hiking in an inspiring landscape, or petting a houseplant, nature is a physiological key to recovering and maintaining health.

change your mind, change your life

Thoughts, ideas and emotions can keep us stuck. Both talking and tangible tools can release these — removing key obstacles to health, joy and purpose.

what my

patients are saying

“Dr. Orna Izakson has been a wonderful resource for assistance with my overall health and wellbeing, specifically using herbal remedies and flower essences for anxiety, insomnia, and general life-stress. She is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also kind and generous with her time and expertise. I highly recommend her services!” — Sarah, 52

“As my gut health is improving, I feel access to a broader range of emotions. I think my body is beginning to feel safe to access happiness, sadness, anger, and a whole spectrum of other emotions, instead of being in fight or flight all the time.” — Virginia, 28, she/her

“I came expecting to get something for my body aches, not do something about them. I was already fit and active. Modifying my diet and exercise made no sense to me, but that’s what Dr. Orna prescribed. When I finally surrendered and did the drill, my aches vanished along with 21 pounds! I’ve chosen to continue seeing Dr. Orna monthly and now I say, ‘Yes Ma’am’ to her advice. Because it works.” — Kelly

dr. orna’s

sound sleep cheat sheet

Ready to start making changes? These are my top tips from years of patient care to help you get your best rest. Start sleeping better tonight!