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Working with a naturopathic doctor is a journey. Here’s what it

looks like for my patients.


Getting to Know You

Our first visit is a comprehensive intake, which usually takes 90-120 minutes. I’ll use this time to really get to know you, going over your health history, experiences, concerns, priorities and goal. 

You’ll leave with new insights into how your body works and a few simple action steps — from which many of my patients experience immediate changes in their health.

If you don’t have recent screening blood work, I’ll likely recommend some. We will talk about basics of eating and nutrition, and may add herbs or supplements to your routine.

Knowledge is Power

 At our second appointment we’ll do a quick check in about changes since we first met. But this visit is largely devoted to an in-depth review of your labs, either recent ones from other doctors or new ones we ordered.

Even the most basic screening bloodwork offers insight on fundamental issues going on with you: nutrient status, stress responses, systemic inflammation, hormone balance, blood sugar balance, liver and kidney function, and more.  

We’ll go through your results thoroughly, looking not only for signs of sickness but for patterns of imbalance that may lead to sickness. You will know what every piece of your test means.

At the end of this visit your treatment plan will focus on fixing nutrient deficiencies or treating any overt pathology.

Implementation + Adaptation

In our subsequent appointments we’ll evaluate what is and isn’t helping, track your progress and tweak your plan as needed. We will dig into my five-pillar approach, making sure your foundations get and stay strong.

I generally meet with folks monthly to maintain momentum, rotate supportive supplements and address issues as they arise. 

With regular visits we’ll work not just on keeping illness at bay but also on optimizing your overall wellness — the ability to live your life with as much ease, joy and purpose as possible. 

Going Deeper

The work we do on basics often alleviates many of the symptoms you’ve come in to address. Sometimes those concerns don’t entirely abate, but the picture clears so we can target issues more deeply. 

At this point we may look to specialty tests to dive into the function of particular systems. 

Depending on your concerns, we may look at adrenal and sex hormones, food intolerances, digestive function, or neurotransmitters (brain chemistry). These tests are generally not reimbursed by insurance, but may be covered by health-savings accounts or benefit cards. I always do my best to find the most cost-effective options for you.

Riding the Waves

Many patients come in for help with one specific issue, but over time realize that we can address others as well.

Having already laid the groundwork with testing and healthy habits, it’s easy to pivot and address any new issues that come up — or old ones that may resurface.

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