flower essences for shock and grief

When I spoke with K, a healthcare entrepreneur building her business, she’d recently learned that her father was diagnosed with a likely terminal cancer. She felt dread in the mornings and would sometimes freeze, with feelings of grief, unresolved issues with him and limited time available to address them.

We settled on a formula of five essences: cotton grass, fireweed, covellite, mountain wormwood and Liard Hot Springs. These essences addressed her key issues of shock, grief, ancestral healing, safety, forgiveness, release and renewal of innocence.

Here’s what she reported after taking the essence for a couple of months.

What was the consultation experience like?

K: The consult was very comfortable and helpful. Dr. Orna asked questions that prompted me to assess my situation in a way that helped me gain clarity about how I was really feeling. This helped me recognized what aspects of my situation were of the most importance to me, and what was creating an obstacle in my life.

What was the experience of taking the essence like?

K: I have really enjoyed taking the flower essence. It’s easy, tastes like a “feeling” and makes me feel supported by Dr. Orna each time I use it.

How did the essence help you feel about your initial complaint? What changes did you notice?

K: Within a couple doses, I felt less “stuck.” I was able to concentrate on the work I needed to get done and was less caught up in the emotional pieces of my situation. It has been a big help in staying focused and motivated despite the grief in my life currently.


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