dr. orna's

5 Pillars of Natural Medicine

These are the roots of my therapeutic approach.


Foundations first

All humans need basic things: movement, nourishment, safety, community and sleep. This is where we start. Addressing these foundations can often entirely eliminate symptoms, or clarify the causes of symptoms that persist.  

knowledge is power

Each of us in an individual, with unique responses to stressors, both physiological and mental. To get a handle on how you work involves testing and giving you the user’s manual to your body. 

plants make everything better

Plants offer full-spectrum medicine. From veggies to spices to medicines, finding your plant soulmates furthers your healing.

engaging nature

Nature is a profound healer. Humans have always known this, and science is catching up to traditional wisdom. Everyone can engage nature in some way: Whether it’s water in your bathroom, wind through your windows, a river-side meander, an inspiring landscape, or petting a houseplant, Vitamin N is a physiological key to recovering and maintaining health.

change your mind, change your life

Thoughts, ideas and emotions can keep us stuck. Both talking and tangible tools can release these — removing obstacles that keep you from full health, joy and purpose.