what is hydrotherapy?

please note that in-office hydrotherapy sessions are on hold during the pandemic.

Hydrotherapy uses hot and cold water to stimulate your body’s innate ability to heal itself. The contrasting temperatures promote circulation, moving immune cells, oxygen and nutrients through the body to wherever they’re needed most. Hydrotherapy can help you sleep, reduce your stress, speed healing from infections and keep you from getting sick in the first place.

Our in-office constitutional hydrotherapy treatments use both contrasting temperature and comfortable sine-wave stimulation to the spine and abdomen. This supports immunity by mobilizing immune cells throughout the body and optimizing both digestion and elimination. Treatments take roughly 45 minutes. Many patients notice substantial symptom reductions within 24 hours.

In some cases, Dr. Orna may recommend adding diathermy to the end of a constitutional hydrotherapy session. This is a time-tested method for deep heating and disinfecting, and is extremely powerful for treating lung, sinus and other deep infections. You will experience a gentle, velvety warmth.

Although we offer relaxing, in-office constitutional hydrotherapy treatments, this therapy is easily done at home by anyone with access to hot and cold water. Ask for a handout on home hydrotherapy treatments at your appointment.

 “I feel so great!!” — Micah, two hours after a constitutional hydrotherapy session


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