vitamin B6 halves lung-cancer risk

Looking for another reason to eat your avocados and broccoli?

A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association has found that good levels of vitamin B6 — found in those vegetables as well as whole grains, fish and meat — may cut lung-cancer risk by as much as half.

In a study of nearly half a million Europeans, some of whom smoked, researchers looked at the B6 levels in people who did or did not get lung cancer after five years.

While there were undoubtedly differences in diet, the B6 connection was profound and unequivocal, even for the smokers in the group.

That doesn’t mean smoking is safe if you take a supplement, but it does offer a good reminder about the importance of eating right regardless of your other habits.

(Via CNN.)


Photo by Sara Bakhshi on Unsplash