green cred

Celilo Natural Health Center was created by Dr. Orna Izakson, an environmental news reporter who traded her pen for a stethoscope, specifically as a way to bring people back to their connections with the environment.

Naturopathic medicine’s principle therapeutic tools are the simplest, cleanest and closest to nature — water, food, plants and other safe, effective natural substances. Our herbal medicines are primarily plants that grow easily in the Pacific Northwest’s gardens and wild areas, emphasizing those grown with the most ecologically sustainable methods or are ethically wildcrafted. Dr. Izakson personally vets all suppliers to make sure you get the highest quality with the lightest environmental impact.

Our clinic itself is designed around and expands upon the eco-clinic model. We strive to implement green measures in both the clinic’s structure and its function.

Since converting to telemedicine appointments, our green efforts are even more streamlined — no commutes!


  • The office is a lovingly restored 1911 bungalow, updated using the cleanest and greenest materials.
  • The office floor is reclaimed from an old gymnasium (ask to see the stripes!)
  • Low/no VOC paints.
  • Low-flow bathroom fixtures to cut down water use.
  • No table paper or throw-away gowns here. We take the extra time to put things in the washing machine.
  • We use new, throw-away products only when needed to optimize patient care.
  • Organic landscaping featuring drought tolerant, locally adapted native and medicinal plants, designed using Permaculture principles.
  • Recycled paper products where we need paper products, maximizing post-consumer content.
  • Vintage and recycled, reusable glassware for tea and water.


  • Our medicines come from ethical companies and are sustainably harvested or grown organically or better with rare exceptions.
  • Our electricity is 100 percent wind powered.
  • We are paperless wherever possible, including records, fax and billing.
  • We make the most of the paper we do use, copying on both sides or reusing single-sided paper (not pertaining to patient records, of course.)
  • Supplies are locally sourced wherever possible, to support area businesses and reduce the environmental costs of shipping.
  • Telemedicine reduces commute.
  • We compost or recycle wherever possible.
  • Simplest, greenest cleaning products.