fatty fast food bad for asthmatics

Fatty fast-food burgers aren’t particularly healthy for anyone. But new research finds they’re especially bad for asthmatics, increasing inflammation in the lungs and blocking the life-saving effects of emergency inhalers.

Asthma affects about 34 million people in the United States and nearly 3 million in Canada, and those numbers have been climbing steadily.

To study the effect of food choices on asthma, a group of asthmatics were given two different kinds of meals. One group got burgers and hash browns, high in fat and calories, and the other got yogurt instead — with 80 percent fewer calories. Four hours later, folks in the high-fat group showed more activation of a gene that makes the body consider fats a pathogen — fighting it the same way as it would a virus or bacterium. Inflammation is how the body mounts such a fight.

The burger and hash browns combination also reduced the effect of albuterol inhalers, which help relax spasming airways during an asthma attack, possibly by blocking receptors the drugs target.

Naturopathic medicine offers great options for asthmatics, starting with food choices and moving on to reducing inflammation and bronchospasm.




Photo by Kentaro Toma on Unsplash